Last summer, working through a forestry manager, we hired Hiwassee Timber Co to harvest timber from the property. The timber company couldn’t work during the autumn and winter and returned last week to continue the job.

They are incredibly meticulous at their jobs and wonderfully kind people (Ashley, nimble with a chainsaw and the skidder driver, brought us homemade strawberry jam, bread and butter pickles, and her pickled okra recipe after we offered a batch of our famous choco-rific cookies).

Seeing and hearing the trees fall from the woods is at times heart-wrenching, but there is also a dignified elegance in watching the choreography of the machinery. This video was filmed over the first two and a half days of this season’s harvest.

The harvest will probably last another several weeks, and when all is said and done, about 25% of the total property will have been cleared. The newly cleared land will eventually be used as pastures and orchards, exactly as it was used several generations ago.