Meanwhile, the crops…

Meanwhile, the crops keep coming. Every day for a few weeks looked a little something like this.


We now have over a hundred pounds of squash. It is safe to say that we are having a good summer harvest.


The summer harvest is officially underway.

The mystery bush bean plants are just getting started and have given just over 2 kg of beans so far.


And this week’s harvest star is definitely the patty pan squash.


We’ve brought in over 6 kg this week! Does anyone know of any excellent recipes?

Mistaken Identity and a Mystery

Each year we plant pole beans. We made wonderful arbors, reusing old fencing materials. We got the seeds; we planted them; we were ready. The plants grew and were very healthy.


We waited for the little arms to sprout up and grab hold of the arbors. We waited, and waited, and waited, and only one plant sprouted.


Ah, nuts. We have bush beans. The disappointment isn’t too great because these plants are strong and will surely give us enough beans to last the year.


The mystery of the lone pole bean plant remains to be solved…