One Man, Two Sawhorses

We wanted to have a structure near the vegetable garden to store tools and possibly double as a greenhouse. A neighbor had said they had something that might suit our needs. It was perfect, so we loaded it in the truck and brought it home.

After assembling it, we looked up the manufacturer and set up information online. The manufacturer recommends having 4 people set it up. How many people set up ours?

One man, and two sawhorses.*


*Old Sands Place does not condone going against manufacturers’ wishes. Not following instructions and recommendations can often lead to dangerous situations. OSP got lucky. This time.

Amish Market

Around here, one of the most delightful signs of Spring’s arrival is when the Englewood Amish Farm Market re-opens. We mark the date on the calendar and literally count down the days until we have access to gloriously fresh produce that hasn’t traveled on an Interstate.

The way to the market, off of Hwy 411, is marked with hand-written wooden signs.



This early in the season,  produce is “limited” to a variety of greens, lettuces, and radishes. They also have farm fresh eggs, but they sell out early.

The green house is just getting going, too. They have different varieties of tomatoes, and already have lots of herbs, including a handful of basil varieties (purple, cinnamon, lemon, and plain basil).


Also for sale are reasonably priced hand-crafted items, like porch swings and carpenter bee traps.


If you find yourself in the area, be sure to stop by. Remember that this is an Amish-run farm and business, so please be respectful of their culture and customs.


They are cash-only, appreciate conservative attire, and some of the kindest people you may ever meet.

Planting Beans and Broccoli!

After the area for the garden beds was plowed and tilled,


we sectioned the area for pole beans and broccoli using old T posts.


We created bean arbors using more old T posts and scrap segments of fence wire. Bending the wires along the top and bottom of the fencing, we slid the segments over the T posts. We ran chicken wire along the garden’s perimeter to deter the vermin.





In front of the beans, we planted the broccoli.



. . . any moment now . . .