When It Rains

When it rains, some folks might be inclined to curl up with a good book, a cup of tea, and listen to the lovely sound of the water on a metal roof. Around here, however, we are more inclined to dress in bright yellow slickers and go for a long, contemplative stroll in the clearing of the woods.


Since we eventually want to build a system that maximizes the property’s natural water supply, these long walks in the rain are necessary to follow the water’s flowing patterns.

A property-wide rain water harvesting system is a tremendous project that will take many years to plan and implement. However, every large project can be broken into smaller pieces. And the best way to begin any endeavor is simply to start.

So we started.

The most logical place to begin our project was to create a small system by the barn to water the vegetable garden.

We acquired a water tub and found the appropriate connections and extensions to run the water from the barn roof to the tub.





Lo and behold, after one light rain (~ 1/2″), the tub was almost full.


This water was emptied into a reservoir by the garden, and soon after, the newly sprouted squash received a lovely drink.




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