So Long, Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle has pretty flowers that smell wonderful. The honeysuckle scent has a stronghold amongst perfumists, but the honeysuckle vine had a strong hold on our fence.

Wild honeysuckle is a nuisance. A boa constrictor of vines, it causes horrible damage to fences and trees. These vines needed to be removed from the fence that borders our vegetable garden.

Many gardeners and farmers admit to using Roundup to do away with persistent, unwanted honeysuckle. We don’t use Roundup on our farm. Even if we did, in this case, our vegetable garden is directly next to, and downhill (downstream) from, the honeysuckle.

Manual extraction was the only way to go. It’s a process, and certainly not as easy as a spray bottle, but absolutely necessary.

We cut the vines as closely to the root as possible. Then we embarked on the arduous task of digging up the root systems. The vines will be easier to remove from the fence once they are dead. So, we trimmed the overgrowth, and now we must wait for the vines to die before we can fully reclaim our fence.


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