One Man, Two Sawhorses

We wanted to have a structure near the vegetable garden to store tools and possibly double as a greenhouse. A neighbor had said they had something that might suit our needs. It was perfect, so we loaded it in the truck and brought it home.

After assembling it, we looked up the manufacturer and set up information online. The manufacturer recommends having 4 people set it up. How many people set up ours?

One man, and two sawhorses.*


*Old Sands Place does not condone going against manufacturers’ wishes. Not following instructions and recommendations can often lead to dangerous situations. OSP got lucky. This time.

3 thoughts on “One Man, Two Sawhorses

  1. Farming without danger is no farming at all. I hire trained ninjas to try to take me out when I’m gardening or tending chickens. Brings a whole new element to the mix.

    They have all failed so far.


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